To start business in Japan as owner, manager or investor, you need to
prepare various and complicated administrative procedure.
You also need to pay attention to a time schedule, and make sure every
legal requirements to be satisfied.
Here are three main points to be considered.

Tips for business start-up

Which is better business form:
Solo Proprietorship or corporate entity ?

  • There are two forms to start business in Japan
  • Advantage/Disadvantage of Solo Proprietorship and Corporate entity
  • Points on Choosing the Proper Business Type

~Which is better business form; Solo Proprietorship or corporate entity ?~

Procedure of starting up: Corporate entity

Procedure of starting up: Solo Proprietorship

Business Licenses

Some business are required to get business licenses
from Japanese authorities before starting business.
Preparing documents, facility, human resources and
etc. is required to be made for the criteria.

Here is frequently inquired business fields and authorities in charge.